MIGRAWARE Contest for Best Migration Videos
Migraware Best Video Contest
Welcome to the Best Migration Video Contest of the MIGRAWARE project!

We are a team of West African and German researchers funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We are interested to learn about why and how people migrate from villages to cities or from one country to another. Based on our insights we will provide advice to decision makers on policies to support sustainable livelihoods.
Help us to understand why people migrate by sending us a 2-minute video and get a chance to win 10 Euro in your local currency for the Best Migration Video.
To engage: 1. answer some questions for us to learn who you are; 2. prepare and upload a 2-minute video; 3. leave us your cell phone number and email address, so that we can contact you, if you won the price.
The video content should be about: your reasons for migration, your migration experience and suggestions, which would make the place, where you come from a better place to live, so that migration becomes unnecessary.
Winning criteria:

 - You should be well to understand in the video, avoid background noise as much as possible;
 - the video should be no longer than 2 minutes and
 - should cover all three contents: reasons, experiences, and suggestions.

Deadline for submitting your video is August 15th, 2022.

We are looking for your video and wish you good luck!

Terms and conditions
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MIGRAWARE data protection policy for the citizen science approach

Your data (IP address, Email address, telephone number, your uploaded video) is stored and used solemnly for the purely scientific project MIGRAWARE. Project partners will have access to your data. Please find a list of partners at www.migra-ware.org
Your participation is completely voluntary and information on the IP address, email address or telephone number are provided by you voluntarily as well. You can at any time withdraw the consent to store your data via writing an email to info@coknow.de; bnyarko@ucc.edu.gh; aimiosino@yahoo.com. The IP address is used to analyse the locational distribution of participants for this data collection. The uploaded video is used to analyse which topics related to migration are important for participants. The Email address or telephone number are used for the contest, to be able to contact the winning participant(s) and, if you agree, to inform you about results of our research.
You are responsible for the video material you are uploading and the data that is visible in it. Please make sure you are not violating any other person’s right of privacy.
Once submitted, your data will be stored in a highly secured cloud service hosted and operated by PiSolution GmbH (a reputable IT Firm in Germany) for the entire duration of the project after which it will be securely deleted. Under no circumstance will we share your private data with any individual, institution or any third party for whatever purpose intended.
Please use the following contact in case you want to lodge a complaint about data protection:

Prof. Benjamin K. Nyarko (Head of Dept.)
Department of Geography and Regional Planning
University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana
Telephone: +233(0)206-640-183
E-mail: bnyarko@ucc.edu.gh

Prof. Lonia Okhimamhe
Professor of Geography (Remote Sensing Applications in Geographical Sciences)
Director, Doctoral Research Programme on Climate Change and Human Habitat (CC&HH), West African Centre for Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL),  
Federal University of Technology, Minna PMB 65, Niger State, NIGERIA
Telephone: +233(0)206-640-183
E-mail: aimiosino@yahoo.com

NOTE: Please refrain from contacting us concerning the video contest. We cannot engage in correspondence on the contest, and there is no recourse to the courts.

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